In 2004 I was in a car accident. Since then I have been receiving weekly massage and physio. In this time I have opened a beauty salon and work approximately 50 hours per week. I suffer with RSI in my hands and arms. I also suffer with pain in the back of my neck and shoulders from the work I do. In 2010 I started seeing Heidi Hadley. Since then I have had so much more improvement in my injuries that I have stopped my regular physio appointments. I see Heidi weekly, as I need the regular treatment to maintain my body for the physical work I do. Heidi is the most professional and educated remedial massage therapist I have been treated by. Heidi is constantly updating her skills and education in Anatomy and Health.
As a Swedish masseuse myself, I am able to recognise what makes her stand out from the rest. I also recommend all my pregnant clients to see Heidi for Pregnancy massage. I have also recommended clients to see Heidi for Fibromyalgia, MS and arthritis; all who have had success and relief from her treatments.
Another thing that stands out with Heidi is her immaculate hygiene standards. Heidi only uses fresh clean towels. She never reuses them with clients and has her towels laundered at a hospital grade laundry service. This is something many other places cannot claim.
I would be lost without my weekly appointments with Heidi and cannot recommend her highly enough. Britain’s loss is our gain!!
JF Brighton, SA

As a family we are most grateful to be able to draw on Heidi’s expertise to support our pro-active approach to maintaining optimum health. We have known Heidi since 2011 and can whole heartedly recommend her service. She is an exceptional practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and a very genuine bedside manner. She is able to put all at ease in her presence including teenage boys, which is no easy feat! We all look forward to our regular sessions with her. Heidi’s work has helped tremendously in times of acute pain through sporting injuries (from soccer, cycling and weights), stress (at exam time); and in the management of chronic illness (Crohns disease). We consider Heidi a very important part of “our village.”
J, L, J, L V. Somerton Park, SA

Heidi is a natural health practitioner in the true sense of the word. She assesses each person and then tailors her treatment to best address the person’s health problem. Read her credentials; they speak for themselves. Heidi is very well trained and has a lot of experience in all facets of Natural healing. Heidi has massaged me since August 2011, using various massage techniques. I have also had reflexology treatments off her. In her approach to natural health care Heidi is very professional, caring and at the same time informative. Ask her about a health condition and she has an answer that even people without training can understand. Often there are take home exercises for patients to follow when they are not in Heidi’s care. I personally am looking forward to many more years of treatment from Heidi; she is exceptional.
SH Hove

Heidi was recommended to me through my physio who suggested that it may be beneficial to have some massage to help with my muscle fatigue and facilitate muscle repair by encouraging blood flow through the muscles. I have been seeing Heidi since August 2013 and I am able to recover from sport and heavy days at work a lot better. I feel that Heidi has improved my all round general wellbeing as I feel less tired and combined with the exercises and tips she has given me to manage my problem areas, I am able to withstand even the heaviest of days at work. My massage is something that I cannot do without.
RC Happy Valley, SA

Heidi is a highly skilled therapist that I have recommended to family and friends. I have been a regular client of Heidi’s for a number of years and her treatments are thorough and consistent. Having been a chronic migraine sufferer and also having back issues, Heidi’s attention to detail has helped alleviate these symptoms. She has made suggestions for specific exercises that help during the time between visits. Heidi is a true professional that goes the extra mile for her clients. Heidi is Worcester’s loss and Adelaide’s gain.
MF Park Holme

I was lucky enough to find Heidi through a recommendation from one of her satisfied clients in 2013. I must admit, I was amazed by her knowledge and then the treatment she gave me. I had high expectations and she fulfilled them and more. From the first treatment, I make sure I see her regularly and can unreservedly recommend her to anyone.
CCE Eden Hills

I have been seeing Heidi since 2012. A friend warmly recommended her and I will be forever grateful to her for that. I initially went to see her about a niggling lower back problem. After the first visit that significantly improved. However, she also recommended that I see a physio for long term relief. It takes a true professional to have the confidence to refer patients to other health providers for treatment. My job requires me to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC, which puts a lot of tension into my neck and shoulders. Heidi manages to keep my neck and shoulders pain free. After seeing the results of Heidi’s treatment on my general wellbeing, my husband has also started treatment for his arthritic hip, which affects his back and neck. Heidi has managed to keep those issues at a manageable level.
I cannot recommend Heidi warmly enough. She is a top class professional with healing hands and a very good knowledge of general health issues. Heidi is easily the best of a number of massage therapists I have consulted. It is not surprising that her appointment book reflects her popularity!
HC Hallett Cove

Since having regular sessions with Heidi my neck, shoulders and lower back feel the best they have for over twenty years. I am highly impressed by Heidi’s continuous professional development and her adoption of new methods as appropriate to me.
LW Seacliff